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Options I would like in future software updates

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  • Options I would like in future software updates

    on the step and repeat it would be nice to have the ability to select the bit height as a step and repeat option with the fence at a fixed setting as this would be great for loose M & T joints.
    I know I can preset 4 bit heights and advance the bit from the recall menu but step and repeat would be a nice option.

    another nice feature would be the ability to be able to have the option of setting the dado offset to the center of the dado. I like to install drawer slides in shallow dados to prevent heavy loads from causing them to shift on the screws.
    since the width of the slide rails are different a center offset would insure an easier match.

    one last handy feature would be a battery backup so if the machine is unplugged without zeroing it all your settings would be retained. this might be done with a device that plugs into the USB port or a addition to the power supply

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    Thank you so much for your suggestions. We are always looking for customer input on our products as to what future additions they would like to see. I will make sure to get your suggestions forwarded to the owner and also to the engineer of our Ready2 products.

    Thank you
    NWA Technical Support


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      Directing this question to Old Growth, and to get some conversation going on this site... I'm on vacation now but when I return in a week I will be ordering the Ready2Rout system to replace the Incra fence and lift in my table saw extension. Any other thoughts on the system? I really like your suggestions and work-arounds. Thanks, and thanks to NWA for admitting me to the forum. Larry