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Thickness of touch plate INCLUDING tape to insulate it?

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  • Thickness of touch plate INCLUDING tape to insulate it?

    I discovered pretty much immediately, confirmed by Matt in customer service, that you have to put some kind of tape around the edges of the touch plate to isolate it from the metal router plate, or you'll get nothing but false positive contact. When the bit in the lift touches the un-taped center of the plate, the contact is confirmed by the Ready2Lift system, and all works correctly. However, on the fence side of things, you've now increased the thickness of the plate by the thickness of the tape you've used, so when the bit touches the plate/fence, it is now including the thickness of the tape.

    Should that additional amount be entered into the system to describe the thickness of the touch plate? I've noticed that my measurements are just slightly off on occasion, and I wondered if that was why. Also - what tape do you recommend? I'm just using clear plastic packing tape on the touch plate now. I initially was using blue painter's tape, but it's thicker, and it would easily be removed during use. Maybe electrical tape? (PS- thanks to customer service for replacing my touchplate cable so quickly - the wire had broken on the touchplate plug).

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    Yes, adding it to the thickness of the touch plate is the best method. Scotch tape is what I recommend. In the next update, an offset will be implemented on the bit height calibration. If you're having an issue on the fence side and don't want to use tape, you can lift the touch plate up slightly to avoid the contact with the router plate.


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      Thanks, Brandon - it's good to know there are updates coming! The more I use Ready2Rout, the more encouraged I am as a woodworker/computer guy, especially as I see successes. I could NEVER get my head around the Incra system (through 4 different iterations of their products) or the Leigh Jig system (updating it through all their changes). This is working for me. Thanks to you and your company for making a great product, and for continuing to support it!