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How much space do you allow for glue lines?

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  • How much space do you allow for glue lines?

    Just finished my first box using the box joint program. I did some test cuts on scrap material with NO extra space allowed for glue, and I actually couldn't get the pieces to fit together. I added about a hundredth of an inch (.010) and it seemed ok, but a few spots seemed a bit loose. Odd... An unexpected and unwelcome byproduct of adding some space for glue seems to be that you change the math that the R2R calculates the joint spacing around. I had always thought that you try to make the width of the piece a multiple of the box joint width - do you have to add the extra width of the glue joints in as well? I asked Tech support about this and they really didn't have an answer - referred me to the forums - so, here I am... Thanks!

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    When the system adds clearance to the pin, it maintains the center of the pin at the proper location and adds half of the clearance value to each side of the pin.
    So Mathematically the system is accurate. If you're getting some play then I would decrease the clearance. You could start with 0.005.
    You should also use a sacrificial block behind the work piece to prevent tear-out which could cause loose fits.


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      That makes sense - I may have miscalculated something. It left larger spaces on the top and bottom, and that may have been because there was too much room for ful, evenly spaced joints, so it divided the difference on the ends? Attached is a shot of the box I made before I sent it off to the recipient. You can perhaps see the top and bottom joints are a bit larger than the others. It was set at 1/2" joints, 5" width. The inlay was such an easy thing to put in - measure the width and thickness of the inlay, set the positioning distance from the fence, quick test cut, and perfect fit.