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    I will start at the beginning. When I went down to the shop this morning the control panel for the system was laying on the cement floor.. So I thought that it might have gotten damaged. I started setting up a new job and at first when I got to the start up screen for turning on the roughing .tap file I got a blank screen.So I switched out the control panel to my backup one and still got the same screen.

    I Powered down the system and waited a minute or so then powered it up again. Same issue. On the third or fourth time the screen came back properly. However,
    We went through the setup process again and zeroed out the x-y-z and did the set up with the metal plate. Got to the point of running the job and got the second screen that said "File not referenced to center. Press OK to run without Virtual Zero. We tried that Nothing happened at all. Nothing moved on the carriage.

    Neither Bill or myself have ever seen this screen and we could not get anything to run if we clicked on OK.

    Neither one of us has any idea of what virtual Zero is or how to get back to our normal run environment.

    Any help, suggestions etc Greatly appreciated.