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  • X Axis issue

    Hi All,

    I have an HD Pro, and it just began having issues with the x axis positioning - When I have a job with multiple cuts, it will, almost always, lose it's home position (x only) when it moves from cut to cut. But it will also do this before reaching the position when the first cut in a series begins.... I thought it might be a software issue, but now I believe the slide bearings may be catching on the two horizonal rails when moving quickly from one cut start point to the next - i cleaned the rails very very well, and applied a cleaner, which has lubricating abilities, to the rails and it worked for a cut or two and then began the issue again.

    The rails appear clean and with no damage

    Is it possible to lightly lubricate the rails or the slide mechanisms? if so, what's a safe lubricant to use ? I've had this system for a few years, and it works flawlessly, but now, in the last few days, it's happening every cut.

    Thoughts ?

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    NWA recommends Dupont Silicone with Teflon. Which is a dry lubricant.