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Slows down on corners and then chatters

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  • Slows down on corners and then chatters

    Why when my new shark hd5 cuts a certain direction on a corner it slows right down and the gantry shakes like it having a hard time or like it is binding up on that corner and then chatters, of course, Im going to spray the "x" axis rails tonight

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    Hello, the first thing I would ask is what does the image look like. Open VCarve and enter node edit mode and click on the vector it was cutting when it was slowing down and/or shaking. Look at the pictures I have attached, every black square is a node, in simplified terms it is a point where directions or coordinates are given for the line between each node. Every square is a start and stop point of a vector. On a straight line there should only be two, one at the beginning and one at the end, same for and arc or circle. When you see them stacked up like these in the picture, (there are so many it looks like a solid line) the CNC will start and stop at each node.
    Vector example.jpg
    This will be seen as the gantry slowing way down and causing an ungodly Grrring or grinding sound depending on the spacing of the nodes, what your carving and other factors, either way it is vary detrimental to the mechanics of the CNC. If your vectors do look like this, you can clean them up by redrawing them, just delete the line with all the nodes and just reconnect the remaining nodes with a straight line. I hope this helps. P.S. these types of drawings are usually found on free or cheap online Vector file sites, so beware!
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      What bit are you using and how fast do you have it set to travel? Also, what speed is it turning? If your bit is moving too fast for the material you are cutting, the gantry will vibrate and chatter like crazy. If you post you bit speeds and feeds, and what material you are carving it will help.

      Also, when you are going around a corner on wood, you are changing the direction of the grain being cut.


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        VincentS, I agree that feeds and speeds should be verified, first things first!