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SD100 home coordinates getting lost.

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  • SD100 home coordinates getting lost.

    Hello, I've noticed that with my sd100 if I I set my zero xyz coordinates, run a job, then jog the router out of the way so I can see the workpiece better, if I run into the machines boundary in any direction zero gets offset by whatever distance the machine would have moved in the brief amount of time it takes me to realize I'm at the limit and release my finger from the motion controls. Is there anyway around this or do I just need to be aware and watch it?

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    I have the Shark HD5 and it has a homing feature. I'm assuming the SD100 does too. On the Ready2Control bottom right (see attachment). Supposedly, this tells the cnc where the minimum (x:0 and y:0 or bottom left) is. If you accidently try to manual move the mount past this the software would not do it.

    Unfortunately, on my machine the y-axis is not detecting this so homing the y direction fails. But, the x-axis works as designed.

    I have a ticket with support to resolve my issue with the y-axis.

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      Thanks for the reply, I just checked the ready2control manual, it states that Home Machine is only available on tools that use a Pendant, which I don't have. I might be out of luck.