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  • HD520 Lubrication

    I don't know who designed the Lubrication point locations for the HD5, but am sure that they must have been in the bottom tenth of their Engineering class. Worst design I have ever seen. It is just about impossible to Lub the X axis bearings. I don't know if I got any lub in at all. I just venting here and waiting for my bearings to wear out. Anybody else share this thought?

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    my thoughts exactly, I have had to replace the Z axes bearing with the gantry being just passing the 1st year of use, replaced with a higher grade units, Hiwin's


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      I have a HD5 that has the same linear blocks. I believe they are HIWIN 15's. they have a "Pin Needle" style grease fitting with a M4x.7 pitch thread, I think the size is unique to these bearings. I have tried to find a replacement "Zerk" type but nothing even close to that thread size. The attached pic is from the HIWIN documentation. Below is the address to their webpage. No easy solution, it appears one will have to drill and tap to fit a 1/8" Zerk fitting. PITA to say the least .

      HIWIN Linear Block grease fitting.jpg
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