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Joining the ranks (with questions).

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  • Joining the ranks (with questions).

    Hello, Sharksters.

    My name is Nathan, and (very soon) I will become another owner of the (brand new) Shark HD5 CNC, with extended bed and water cooled spindle. While awaiting this tool, I have immersed myself in every associated Youtube video that I could find, on it, as well as building a relationship with the Vectric Vcarve pro trial version program. The researching that I have done has given me a pretty good insight on what I am soon to get, but has left me devoid of answers to a couple of questions that I have. And, they are as follows:

    1). I live in Amherst NY, and (during the winter months) the temperature in my basement shop hovers around 40 degrees. I thought I remembered reading, somewhere, that the lowest operating temperature, for the Shark CNC, should be no less than 50 degrees. But, then I happened across a video where the owner of the same unit was using it in his unheated shop (also in a colder climate area), seemingly, without issue. But, I just want to gain a level of surety about how best to go about using/maintaining the Shark, when it gets here. So, would 40 degrees be OK for my tool? Or should I look to investing in some type of heater, by which to raise the temperature during periods of operation?

    2). As mentioned, my Shark CNC will come outfitted with the water cooled spindle, with a collet which does not accept 1/2" bit shafts. I do understand that the Shark system also comes with a holding apparatus for a router, but I would rather not go that route. I recently learned of a chuck adapter called the 'Muscle Chuck", which seemed like it might be the answer, for me. With that adapter, I would be able to use 1/2" bit shanks on the spindle. But, from what I've learned, there are various models of those chucks that are made for specific routers. If anyone is using one of those units on their Sharks, please inform me as to which one they have. And, if it isn't a Muscle Chuck, then which manufacturer did you get it from?

    Advanced thanks,


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    OK. Just disregard.