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Shark HD5 not cutting round circles

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  • Shark HD5 not cutting round circles

    I am having problems getting round circles with my HD5. It seems to slice or trim the edges (right and left side of x axis ). The software is the vcarve pro 10.5 and the circles are for 4" coasters cut out of 5/16" wood. I tried several orientations of the grain (the wood is poplar). I'm using an amana vcarve 3/8 60 degree cnc bit - very new. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks - Mike

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    Hello, Would really need your file to view and run to give any input without guessing.


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      I had the same issue and was able to fix it with an email to supports. Here is a picture of my problem and a quote from the email reply from support:

      "... I would start by checking the X axis coupler to see if it needs to be tightened. It could have come slightly loosened during shipping. Below you will find a step by step guide to check/tighten the couplers on your machine.

      The couplers are 0.5" long black cylinders that connect the motor to the threaded drive rod of each axis. To access the coupler, start by removing the four screws that hold the motor to the machine, and carefully back the motor and rod out until the coupler is visible.

      Each coupler has two screws; one that screws into a flat spot on the motor and one that screws into a flat spot on the threaded rod. Loosen these screws just a little and make sure the flat spots on the rod and motor are positioned correctly then tighten the coupler screws back down. Many users put Loctite on the screw threads to ensure they are less likely to loosen again. Once the coupler screws are tightened back down, re-attach the motor.

      There are a few different ways to determine where a coupler might be slipping. A file with a circle whose radius is equal to 1/4 of your machine bed size may come out with one or more straight/flat "edges". If this occurs, then its likely that there is a slipping coupler. This slipping occurs when an axis reverses direction. X-axis flat spots will be on the sides, in the same direction as the slats in the aluminum t-track. If slipping is occurring in the y-axis the flat spot will be perpendicular to the slats on the aluminum t-track..."



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        I had a similar issue with mine when I first got it. Try Hardcastle's suggestion. Check every single screw and connection. Mine was on the underside of my set up. Works perfectly now!


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          HardCastle, is as difficult as it sounds to open things up, take off the motor and tighten some screws? My HD520 is 'leaving' flat spots on the top and bottom of rounded letters and circles and it looks like I need to fix it. By your post I should look at the Y-axis couplers - correct?


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            Adjusting the y-axis was much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks to NW support for the added guidance and encouragement.


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              I have tightened the couplers a few times now and each time they seem to start exhibiting the same issues after a week or two. I use loctite on the screws and when I go to loosen them to re-couple the screws take a bit to get it doesn't seem like the screws are loosening on their own.

              At a bit of a loss what to do to keep my cuts consistent.