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  • Carbide Create Pro and Shark HD Pro

    I have a Shark Pro HD and a Shapeoko 3. Carbide Create came out with a free one year license for their forum users. They added a post processor for "GBRL" and "Generic G Code". I had a simple v carve and changed my post processor and saved the gcode in both of the formats. The Shark is zeroed in the center of the project and Z was set with the touch probe. The first attempt the vee bit plunged into the project and wasteboard. I checked that zero was set and in the Carbide Carbide create that the project started at the top of the project, center correct bit was chosen. I changed from the generic g code to the GBRL and tried that. The router goes down then right back up. I did see in the gcode that they are still using the G6 command which tells the Shapeoko to pause and prompt the operator to insert the correct tool. I guess the M6 command is causing my spindle to go up and waiting for the tool change. I will try editing the gcode to remove the G6 command but wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions. I would really like for this to work because Vetric is quite expensive and after trying to use Fusion 360, lets just say that was a waste of time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I got no replies but I have been working on a way to use Carbide Create to make gcode for my Shark. I think this will work with the free version of CC but you can download it for free from the site. Give it a try.
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