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DeWalt 618 Router hot Collet

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  • DeWalt 618 Router hot Collet

    Anyone running the DeWalt 618 router? After about 15 min of run time the collet gets very hot to the touch. Just wondering if that is normal? I had a 611 router on my Piranha before and never had it get warm.

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    Yes, I have a 618too and it gets hot to the touch as yours does. I have to assume this is normal. I only bought it because it has both the quarter and half-inch collets. Even though it runs for a fairly long time on a large job it does not seem to suffer any damage. Hope this helps.


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      I contacted DeWalt, they even have it in the manual where it says the bit can get very hot and not to touch it for a while after use. I have had many routers and never had one get hot like that. I actually put my Bosch on there, it seems quieter than the DeWalt.