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straight lines on curved letters

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  • straight lines on curved letters

    Hello everyone. Newbie here. I'm still trying to get a good first product. I've been playing around with different bits and settings. Having a problem getting the cuts to look like the preview on the computer. I'm running Vcarve Pro 10.018 all up to date. Using an Amana RC-1148 vbit (I've used several different sizes and degrees with same results). Attached is what I'm speaking of - the tops of the letters are flat where they should be curved. I've tried using fonts and importing vectors. Same results, but different areas. I've trammed my spindle, used the virtual zero after I planed it down, so I know it is level. I'm unable to attach the .tap file to this thread. I'm using a Shark HD5 extended.
    Hoping this is a simple fix and user error.

    Thanks so much and Happy New Year!


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    Here's the links to my .crv and .tap files on this.
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      Try to un-select project onto a 3D model. You only need to use that option when you want to add text onto a 3d model. Not sure if this will fix your problem but it's the first thing I can see that doesn't look right. Good luck, let me know if that helped.
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        Thanks, Todd. I did that and still didn't work... Ugh. This is frustrating!


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          I'll run your file tomorrow and see how it comes out. Happy New Year.


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            OK, I’ve tried everything everyone has said. Still got the straight lines. I tightened the screw on the top of the z axis because it seemed a little loose. Seemed like it helped a little bit. My brother just got the same machine as me and I sent him the files - his turned out perfect. So, it’s not a software problem, it’s a machine problem. I’ll likely have to check all the screws on the machine tomorrow because something has to be loose... Any ideas where to start so I don’t end up taking the entire thing apart and making things worse?


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              I guess I would start by setting it to 0,0,0 run the file and then with the router off move the router back to 0,0,0 and see if the router bit is where you started from. If its not I would start at the router and then back from there. Good luck!


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                Are you still having issue with this? This looks like a loose coupler (x-axis)... see this post