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Corner finding for the partially sighted

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  • Corner finding for the partially sighted

    Corner finding with Vectric

    Unfortunately due to an accident many years ago, I am now single sighted and due to advancing years also have a touch of AMD.

    So what has this ro do with Vectric and CNC.

    When I started CNC I used the centre of the work as the Home Point but as the design became more complicated I found it almost impossible to centre the bit exactly on the cross .

    My wife who has a lesser but similar problem was unable to help exactly.

    So......Which way to go .... Go to the lower left corner as many do.

    But how, as neither NWA or Vectric can help, and other corner finders use different software,
    Maybe this idea might solve it, so over to you out there.

    If I get one of the oblong NWA touch plates and have it machined so the there is a lip around a corner and a hole drilled through as close to the corner as possible, so the bit can be lowered into it without touching the timber then moved side ways to touch the plate at several points, thus finding the centre of the hole then this would give me the Home Point. Then raise the bit as normal for the Z axis. Knowng the thickness of the machined part would be entered in place of the 625 as seen on the normal touch plate. Or failing that another plate could be used,

    Done this way a corner home point must be at the place every time....... I think.

    Am I right or am I way off? Perhaps somone can tell me.

    Best to all out there,


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    Sorry you are struggling with your vision. I have also been look for ways to align better.
    I think it makes sense. Attached is a utube link a little more than half way through it goes through some edge finding.

    Other options are:
    Blue ox has solution similar to what your are thinking
    Screenshot_20191225-175705_Amazon Shopping.jpg

    Cross lasers mounted to spindle or router.

    You could also mount x and y fence to define corner origin. Zero to it and use it like home.

    Good luck
    Let us know how it works out.
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      you can also look into cnc edge finding probes that beep when they touch the edge.

      Screenshot_20191225-180528_Amazon Shopping.jpg


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        Thanks for the information, I looked at the corner finder, but am I right in thinking that it comes up in the SHARK or PIRANHA pendant when you touch the PLATE icon and the cable is the same. If so then this seems to me to be a great solution. A good price too. I assume there is an instruction leaflet.