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New to NWA and HD4 owner

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  • New to NWA and HD4 owner

    I must say for a small part I am somewhat happy with my purchase, however . . . .
    The support sucks - it is like NWA is doing you a great favor if you get any support at all.
    Everything they sell is over-priced by at least a factor of 3.
    Quality is low average I was expecting better quality for the price paid.
    Everything about their controller is secretive.
    The controller is a piece of crap. Basic devices such as X, Y and Z limit switches are left out. For the price I (again) expected a much better controller.
    My router Z carriage is WAY out of alignment, it tilts forward by 2,2 degrees. The gantry is much closer to perpendicular to the work surface.
    The pendant is a plus - nice but limited by the controller and software.

    If I was to purchase another CNC router it would not be from NWA.

    Now I will replace the controller, shim the carriage and add limit switches to have something that should have been standard when purchased.

    My two cents.

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    Wow, someone is having a bad day. We’re all entitled to an opinion and mine differs from yours. Initially I had a few questions and found their support to be very receptive and fully answered my questions. As to the price point of their units I found them very reasonable. Are there some things I would like to see on my unit, of course there are. If I get to the point where I want all the ‘bells and whistles’ on a CNC machine I can always shell out 10 to 15k to purchase a different unit.
    Of course you can always purchase some Chinese unit off Fleabay for less money. Good luck on getting any support though.

    My two cents......