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Pendent Corrupting Tap files

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  • Pendent Corrupting Tap files

    While Running with the USB pendent, Some tap files are being Corrupted. Not sure of the cause, only way to clear file was to re-format the USB drive.
    I do not see an Eject button in the menu on USB tab.

    Is this a common problem?

    Is there a way to avoid Corrupting the tap files?

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    We are having a problem with tap files being corrupted. The file was written using Vectric 9.5. The USB file was loaded to the controller and our zero was set to the middle of the part (Cutting Board) we ran a test run above the board in a high rate of feed so the file would finish faster and everything looked good. The cutting speed was changed to the normal speed, loaded the file and hit the go button. Much to our surprise and dismay the router bit moved down almost immediately and started cutting its way to the start position. By the time the operator hit the pause/stop button the groove was deeper than the program called out and we now have a big gash across the face of the cutting board. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We did not have this problem when we ran v.9.0.


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      Are you able to post the .crv and .tap file in question? We can take a look at them.


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        I was also having the same problem. What I did was change the procedure for start up. I installed the USB in the pendent, prior to turning the power on to the controller. Before you remove the the USB, the control power must be shut off. Each time you insert the USB you will need to zero the Z, Press the xyz home button. and make sure the unit finds the correct center. Then raise the z and install the material to be carved. Then use the touch plate to find the top of the work.
        The most important thing is to turn the power off prior to installing the USB, and prior to removing it. This so far has prevented my Tap files from being corrupted


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          Thank you for the information, we will try that. On a different blog people had a similar problem and it was an unstable power supply. They put a "UPS" on the controller and that seems to have taken care of their problem. We have one that we can use so we will try that if turning the power on and off does not work.