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  • Mach3/4 for shark

    Does anyone use mach3/4 for controls? I do not like the pendant at all! and the computer version sucks as well?

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    I have noticed that this forum is not very active. I did post to another persons post about wanting to use Mach3/4. My understanding is mach 3 is for parallel systems and Mach 4 supports both parallel and USB. Plus Mach 3/4 costs MONEY. You should checkout:
    This system looks very promising. I just bought a used Shark Pro Plus HD and can already see the limitations of a propriety system. The Blackbox is open source so it will go away if something should happen to openbuilds. Secondly the controller software is free (Openbuilds CONTROL) and the blackbox will support limit switches. You would be able to adjust current on the motors if you want and I myself may look at this system seriously. The Blackbox is out of stock everywhere I have found it but it is brand new and things will settle down when a few units get into the field. Plus I came from a UNIX background and you never want to be in the Alpha launch of anything. Being open source the fixes will happen very fast. Just FYI


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      gdon_2003 Thanks for the response! The black box looks interesting Ill have to look at it closer. Yes mach 3/4 cost money, it is a 1 time cost with great support and for me 2 things, 1 I already have it and 2 it has features that I feel you cant go without. That being said the more I play with the pendant the more I like its simplicity, if soft limits where an option it would be darn near perfect for what I need to do.

      I have one of those cheap 3020 machines I started out with, had to get mach 3 to run it, I crashed it a couple times during the learning curve even with soft limits( missing a decimal point can be very bad) so I used my electronics experience to add all kinds of goodies, I started with micro limit switches but they are not so accurate as I was looking for so I went proximity sensors, zero plate was next. I had to build my own control box and set the cheap one aside to do all this but it not very hard to do.

      I can see someone who knows cnc inside out not needing any of the gadgets..... How fast can you hit the E-stop?