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  • T-nuts

    Anyone know of a source for T-nuts that would fit the table slots of the Shark. They would have to have a threaded hole just like the ones used on milling machines etc. I want to make some spoil board slats such as I’ve seen on Axiom CNC’s. That would allow for using both clamps or screws for holding the workpiece.

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    Used to be able to find them on Rockler and Woodcraft - last time though I got them off of Amazon -


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      It looks as though the 1/4-20's are no longer available however they had 10-24'S listed which is what I was looking for. I placed and order so we'll see if they ship.


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        5/16 also works on the t tracks on the table. They are a little tighter to move around but they hold a little tighter too without getting sucked up into the gap. Woodcraft has a 5/16 sliding T nut and then you can get a plastic philips head screw to counter sink in the spoilboard. IF you do happen to get into the board the plastic head will not mess up your bit either.


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          Timber Wolf,

          Good idea for non metallic screws. Great for those "miscalculations"


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            Well, the beat goes on. I did receive my order however, the oval nuts don’t fit quite like I want. Too loose. I just found a website which feature T-nuts for aluminum track so I ordered two different styles from them and hopefully, they will be what I’m looking for.


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              I bought T bolts on Amazon. The T’s were too thick to fit the slot. A few quick strokes in a vice with my file and they fit perfectly. So now I have my clamp bolts...

              i also bought several types types and sizes of T nut to attach my spoil board with plastic bolts. None from amazon fit - too big / too small. So I relented and bought a couple packs from NWA. They fit great. The shipping seemed high but I needed them.