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Tramming Spindle on Shark HD4

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  • Tramming Spindle on Shark HD4

    I am needing a link to show me how to tram the spindle on my shark cnc please.

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    Actually you make your router as parallel to the table as you can . Use a square from the deck to the nut on the router. do all 4 sides and tighten down. Now do your spoil board, that will then make the board parallel with the router. Use as large a bit as you have. You should be able to find or make one on your vcarve program. If your stuck, send email to the help desk. Also you can go on youtube


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      Getting the spindle trammed is something I am very interested in also. What adjustments on the machine are available. The YouTube referred to by tpellicci appears to show that the spindle is NOT trammed in the demo, look at the ridges that show up when he tries to flatten the spoiler board. I believe those ridges are due to the mis-alignment between the gantry and spindle. If anyone has a procedure or can explain where any adjustments are it would be much appreciated.


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        I found that my two x shafts on the gantry were about 1/32 out when squared with the table top. Adjusting the gantry assembly would not fix it.
        I could NOT find a spindle adjustment.
        Accordingly, I used a 'tram' setup with two gauges on a crossbar mounted in the router spindle against a rigid glass plate on the bed.
        I loosened the z carrier bolts slightly. Then using the tram setup on the x axis, I cut and fitted thin aluminum shims between the router holder frame and the z assembly beside the bolts until I could get the same reading on both of the tram gauges when rotating it 180 degrees.
        I snugged the bolts slightly, then turning the tram assembly by 90 degrees, I repeated the process for the y axis until a 180 degree rotation of the tram assembly gave me the same reading for the y axis.
        Tighten the bolts evenly and check with the tram process. (wash, rinse, repeat as needed)


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          Very interested in shim sizes and where you located. I am in the process of tramming my system using just a simple jig I made similar to what is shown in <>. I have a set of stainless steel shim stock that I will be using and planning to place near the bolts that attach the spindle carrier to the z-axis gantry attachment. If anyone has gone through the tram process and has some experience on how well the orthogonality is held over time I would appreciate hearing from you.