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Water cooled spindle set up on a HD2

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  • Water cooled spindle set up on a HD2

    I am finally installing the 2HP Water-Cooled Spindle for CNC Shark HD that I purchased via Rockler, last March. There are two spindle mounts in the kit, but I currently have only one mount position on the cnc. Do I need to modify the z axis in some way or is this simply a spare for some reason. They sell them for about $40. Please advise me on how I should proceed and if I need to obtain more parts to make this installation.
    Greg Luckett

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    When I wrote above, it was Monday evening and Next wave was closed for the day. It was my hope to get some help that evening, to no avail. Tuesday morning I called them and discussed it with Steve and then I proceeded to do the mounting. The spindle and cooling system are all hooked up and operational now, this evening. Holy cow is this spindle quiet. I love the reduced noise. The Porter Cable was running about 98dB, inside its enclosure.

    There are a few things to finish setting it up, such as making sure there is enough slack in the tubing the cable, and I have no idea at this point how to put a bit into the spindle. How is it kept from rotating while tightening? I suspect I will figure it out before I hit my rack tonight or maybe in the morning. Microsoft decided to run an update on the PC and it was still running it when I stopped for a break. Seems to take hours but I quit waiting for it after a couple. Need the PC to move the gantry to see how the cables/tubing go. Bye


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      I finally got it all done about midnight last night. The collet came with a 6mm installed. Had to figure out how to safely remove it, then got the 1/4 installed into the collet nut then onto the spindle. Amazingly quiet WOW!!! The supplied tubing is about 3 feet too short per leg, and figuring out how to route it and the cable is challenging inside of the cnc enclosure. Some places it is going to snag or be smashed but 99% of what I need will be just fine. Now to find a better dust boot solution than what NWA provides, if possible. End of report and my input to this thread.


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        I was busy setting my new unit up last night and am wondering where to put the water supply. ?
        I was hoping to put it on the bottom shelf of my table. about 4.5 ' from the spindle to the floor. Do you know how high the water pump will push water?


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          I do not know what the head distance is for that pump but it should work just fine as you have described it. My water bucket is sitting on top of another 5 gal bucket, tubing goind up about 5 feet or so, to the top of the cnc enclosure, then back down into the interior and over to the spindle. Seems to be working.