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Water Cooled Spindle cutting Alumimum

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  • Water Cooled Spindle cutting Alumimum

    I'm looking at the water cooled spindle specifically for its lower RPM capability in order to cut aluminum, but there doesn't seem to be much activity with people talking about the spindle. There are very few specifications on the website, but I did receive this response:
    The water cooled spindle goes from 1000 to 24000 rpm.

    Is there anyone using the water cooled spindle to cut alumimum? Successful? Better than using 1/8" and 1/4" single flute bits at 8,000 RPM (that's what we currently do with our Bosch router).

    I'm worried that the spindle will have very low power down at 1,000-4000 RPM and thus no improvement.

    Anyone have other suggestions for cutting aluminum well?

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    Related, we've had an HD4 for about a year, mostly used it to cut solid wood, plywood, and some high density foams.


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      I have the hd4 extended with the water cooled spindle. I have not used it for any types of metal but I feel it is at least as stong as the dewalt router i was using before. dont know if this helps but its my humble opinion. The digital readout of the RPMs is very useful. I have had it down as low as 500RPMs to scribe on plastic


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        Thanks Dallas. Was your Dewalt the 611 (1.25 hp) or 618 (2.25hp)?

        Very nice to hear that you've run it at 500 RPM.


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          I had the 611 dewalt. went through about 4 of them before I got the spindle. I would even use the blower to clean the dust out. good thing I bought the extended warranty a lowes.


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            I have the spindle, I just have not tried it out on aluminum yet. I have been looking at the numbers though and wanting to give it a try. I have a few interested in aluminum cut out signs. If you get to it first let us know how it goes and what speeds it worked at. Most my research has led to slow speeds and slow feeds with a blower to get rid of chips.


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              Hey all - any word on how the spindle does with aluminum?