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Integrating the water-cooled spindle and the shark controller

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  • Integrating the water-cooled spindle and the shark controller

    I'm excited to get my system set-up and am curious about the integration between my water-cooled spindle and the controller for the shark cnc HD4 extended bed that I bought. I can't find any integration between spindle and controller because the water-cooled spindle that Next Wave sent me has it's own control box. The amount of power that I have dedicated to the spindle requires that I have a single 220 volt outlet because the system pulls 13 amps+/- which means I couldn't run the spindle from the control box for the cnc.

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    Its crazy seeing this today. I actually made a custom post processor a couple days ago for this exact purpose. im using an HD4. The processor has a 20 second delay to allow the spindle to be powered up and get spinning to 24k rpm before proceeding to the toolpath. It also shuts off the spindle and control box on completion of the toolpath. I am using the power source included in the shark control box and it works totally fine.
    Im running the water pump on a separate circuit.
    get with me if interested.
    as far as the 220v thing, I have no idea about that stuff. im running 100 percent 110v


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      Scott, I am VERY interested in this. I just purchased a Shark HD4 with the same setup as Wonderpuppy above, 220v Spindle, 220v Water pump. I would like more information about how to go abut having the Post Processor?? (i'm still new), control these two items. Is there a way to control the spindle speed with the Post Processor also?

      Thank you,