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Tab issue leaving a vertical line and start and finish on the tab

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  • Tab issue leaving a vertical line and start and finish on the tab

    As you can see in the close up pic machine is leaving groves at the start and end of a tab the full depth of the material. Anyone else have this issue and If so how did you solve. I have slowed down the feed rate and depth of cut doesn’t seem to help much. Made this square for use in setup to help hold work parallel with X or Y axis. The raised section fits tight in the expanded aluminum.

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    You didn't say what machine you are using - but this is fairly common in my experience. As you've already tried slowing down the feed rate, I have 2 solutions you may want to try:

    1. No tabs - but run the profile toolpath to within 0.005 or 0.003 of the actual depth. I've found this is enough remaining material to hold the piece in place - and can readily be trimmed 'off'.

    2. Use a tab - but as a separate tool path and make the tab only 0.1 or less tall. You may still get some scoring where the tool stops, raises, traverses the tab, and then goes 'down'. So create a profile to a depth of 0.1, then a separate profile toolpath with the tab for the remaining depth.

    Now you're wondering why this mark occurs - when you create a tab, there is a vertex placed on the vector where the tab exists. So, the machine is travelling exactly to that point, then exactly to the next point on the other edge of the tab. And of course, when it gets to the actual tab, it is coming to a complete stop and then raising up, traversing the tab, and then lowering. Any flex in the tool or the shark itself will result in the grooves on either side of the tab.

    This is also something to think about when creating a project with 'straight' edges. If you want the smoothest cut possible, go into node editing mode and remove any miscellaneous vertices along the 'straight edge'.