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    Hi all ... I need some help. I have recently moved and the movers somehow managed to lose the controller for my Shark Pro. I have an older model, probably 7 or 8 years old now. It is the white plastic version (13 x 26 deck or close). I have emailed, phoned and left several messages with NWA and they have yet to respond. I really need a new controller as I have jobs in the queue. Does anyone know if you can make one locally from parts, or does anyone have an old controller they could sell me? I'm in Alberta, Canada and although I was able to buy a complete machine I cannot find anyone who can supply just a controller. I'm okay upgrading if that's the only option, I just need NWA to answer the phone so I can buy it! Thanks in advance for any advice / suggestions.

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    Hi Hb. My name is Al. I just to replace my Controller for my CNC Shark Pro. Go to and select support to put in a request and they will get back to you. They were very helpfull and I had a new controller in about 5 days. The cost is $500.00 and you will have to send your motors back to them to have them wired with new connectors for the new control.