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Setting up my New Shark HD4 Extended

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  • Setting up my New Shark HD4 Extended

    I received my new Shark yesterday and didn't have time to set it up so I got to work on it tonight. Everything was going well until I went to install my spindle. Missing the bolts to mount it to the carriage. Figured I could pick some up tomorrow so I start looking at how I'm going to run the cooling lines for the spindle and plan a good route following the wiring to the spindle. Then I realize NWA decided to only send 9' of tubing. So there is roughly 1 foot of tubing from the spindle to the top of the gantry then 2' - 6" or so across the gantry and another 5' -6" to the end of the table. How am I supposed to put the pump in a bucket when you leave me less than a foot of material to go over the bench and into the bucket. I get it you sell cheap machines but come on you can afford to send another couple of dollars in tubing to make this $800 spindle work and 4 lousy bolts to mount it. A similar spindle on Amazon is $160 and the VFD is under $200 add in the bit of wire and an aquarium pump and your well around $400 at Amazon! So you're obviously making enough to supply the proper amount of parts. Now instead of running my machine tomorrow I'll be running around for bolts and tubing to finish assembly.

    The fit and finish on this machine is poor also. Protective film was left on the base after assembly so there is loose plastic that I cannot reach to remove on the plastic base. The protective film was left on everything after they assembled parts leaving little pieces sticking out from every parts that was factory assembled. I'm guessing I would waste too much time trying to clean it up with a knife. There were bits of plastic from machining stuck in the table and scattered throughout the box. I realize none of this matters in how the machine runs but it does reflect on NWA. I really wanted a Legacy machine but couldn't swing the price tag. So far I'm thinking I should have waited another year and got the Legacy.

    Unfortunately this is starting out as a big disappointment for me but I'm hoping for better days ahead.

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    Hi Jim,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. If you send a note to our support team via, they will get you anything you need. I have notified our production manager about the missing bolts as well. The protective plastic is to minimize scratching of the surface during shipping, a quick light cut around any obstruction will allow for it to be easily removed. Feel free to direct message me or post if you have any other questions/concerns.


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      Thank you for the response. My issue with the protective film is its loose around the edge and I cannot reach between the base and the bed to remove the film that was left between them. There is no chance of scratching or actually seeing any scratches between them. My point was it should have been removed before the two were married in the plant. I bought the bolts to mount my spindle at a local hardware store and bought enough tubing to connect the pump and spindle. Unfortunately the Z axis froze after a few movements. Contacted support and they had me switch the y and z axis to isolate the problem. Problem appears to be in the controller so a new one is shipping today. Supposed to be delivered Wednesday. With some luck I will see this machine run Wednesday.