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Shark HD4 Pendant issue - recalibration?

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  • Shark HD4 Pendant issue - recalibration?

    Hello...after a tool switch yesterday the pendant wouldn't allow me to move the z axis. I moved the x axis to see if there was a response, it moved, then the pendant screen flashed and asked to be recalibrated. The 4 dots appeared in the corners, I touched them and the screen went gray. No response. I turned the controller off, then back on. The pendant fires up, but there's no response to touch at all. I can't get past the Shark log and the "continue" button. Any ideas out there???



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    Found this on another forum. It worked perfectly..

    Turn off the machine! Then with the pendant in hand, put your thumb in the center of the screen and hold it down while turning on the control box.
    It will take you into calibration mode. Then use a pencil with a eraser end and when it prompts you to touch a corner on the screen, use the erased end and touch the spot it tells you to.
    Not sure if that will help, but when I had my HD4, I had to do it several times to reset the pendant.
    These instructions came directly from Next Wave tech support.


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      Hi Greg,

      Glad you got the Pendant up and running again. I would also recommend going through a firmware update too.