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  • Vertical installation

    Good evening.

    I am looking at getting the Shark but have one concern. My shop size. I know that I won't be able to get a bigger shop any time soon. So my question is has anyone installed their Shark on a wall vertically not horizontally? I know I would need to clamp down the materials really well, but wasn't sure about the stresses on the Z axis. Thanks for your input.

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    Hi - I've never heard of anyone doing this - and I've been around for several years. I'm not even sure it could be done and at face value, I wouldn't recommend it. The gantry is not designed to support the weight of the gantry, let alone while carving, from a vertical position for starters.The bearing support rods along the table edge are not designed to be used in the vertical, etc. I do appreciate the shop size challenge - but frankly would not recommend this approach - at least with this machine.


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      Thanks. I know with some other home builds people have built them to be on walls. I want sure if there was anyone that had tried to do it with their machine. I will find a spot in the shop to make it fit.