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Patterns from different sources.

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  • Patterns from different sources.

    I'm still waiting to get my inverter back from New Wave so I figured I'd start gathering info that I need or will need once my machine is up and running.
    1. Is there ANY way I can use all the patterns I have for my CarveWright machine? I retired the CarveWright because I got tired of the maint. required to keep it running. I've got hundreds of patterns that I acquired for the CarveWright and I don't really want to loose them. How can I "convert" them for use on my Shark??

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    I'm not familiar with the CarveWright patterns - what file format are they? If proprietary, there may not be a path to get these into VCarve. Do you have any export options from the CarveWright software?


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      Below is a picture of some of my past projects. In particular, I'd like to recreate the snake pictured on the two tall signs. I have the pattern for it that works on my CarveWright machine but I'd like to make it again using my Shark. Any ideas how I can do that?
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