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Problems with water-cooled spindle

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  • Problems with water-cooled spindle

    I've been slowly putting my Shark HD4 together and I'm now trying to get the water-cooled spindle to work. Well that just ain't happening. No matter what I try to do, I can't get the spindle to turn. All the flashing codes just baffle me. The booklet that came with the spindle is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread but I can't make heads or tails of it. I don't want to do any re-wiring, I just want to be able to fire up the router (spindle), set the speed and get to carving. I retired a Carvewright machine because it got to be too much of a headache maintaining it. I bought the shark thinking it would be easier to use and less to maintain. Well I'd like to get started and find out.
    Can someone tell me where to find SIMPLE instructions for setting up and using the water-cooled spindle?

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    Have you called support? Normally when the inverter is flashing there is a sequence they can walk you through to get it running. 419-318-4822. After that, all you have to do is hit run and turn the dial to adjust speed. Good luck!


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      Yes, I contacted support. No help. I don't mean they didn't help, they couldn't fix it over the phone. They sent me instructions as to what to set the different "things" at. Did that and it didn't cure the problem. They had me send the inverter to them for fixing or replacement. Still waiting to hear from them.