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Issue with Shark HD4

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  • Issue with Shark HD4

    I'm having a issue with my Shark HD4 that I just bought, I will create a file. Then take all the necessary steps to create the tool paths etc. I use G code tap file inch for the post processor. When I plug the thumb drive into the machine and go to run the project, The project comes out smaller than what numbers I used as the input numbers. So a 10 inch x 10.5 inch rectangle comes out a half inch x 1 inch. I've checked to make sure all of it was in inch's and everything down to the post processor is in inch's. It just keeps doing it no matter what shape i do. I even tried to plug in bigger numbers to see if that made a difference but it still made the same size rectangle. I'm at a loss please help.
    Concerning product: - Shark HD4

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    That's interesting. You're using the CNC Shark USB Arcs (Inch) post processor?

    What is the model number of your machine? You find this in setting>model number


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      Resolved the issue. I was using the wrong post processor to complete the task.