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Best Way to align Laser to Starting Point - CNC Shark HD 4

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  • Best Way to align Laser to Starting Point - CNC Shark HD 4

    Working with a CNC Shark HD 4, new to the CNC business, pretty cool. Starting working with the laser today printing simple text.

    My question is how is it possible to get an exact alignment with the starting point with the laser. It seems like it would project some sort of alignment beam onto the wood.

    Maybe I am missing something, but with the laser head at 2" diameter eyeballing the starting point is not very exact.

    What tips and tricks can I get to help get a more exact alignment for laser starting point.


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    Hi Kurt,

    The best way to get an exact position with the laser is to use a vbit to set the X and Y, and then insert the laser and set your Z.


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      I like to mark the center of my board and then take a compass set to the radius of the laser module and draw a circle. That way I know it hasn't been bumped off x or y from me messing with it.


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        I use the laser test on the pendant controller. It turns on the laser in low power mode 3 times. If material can't be moved, then you do have to go in and out of it to adjust the X & Y.

        I use it to set my home position for X and Y, set my Z height and away we go.