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  • Pendant controller

    When I power on the machine, the controller does not come on... I get a periodic beep but nothing else. Any ideas?

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    I am having a similar problem.

    If I turn on the controller while the pendant is attached, (a) the pendant beeps once a second, (b) nothing appears on the pendant, and (c) I can hear and feel the steppers thump in time with the beep.

    If I detach the pendant, the beep continues, the steppers thump, and the red LED blinks very briefly.

    If I attach the pendant to a Shark HD4 controller, that controller boots normally and the normal logo screen appears on the display.

    My intuition (and experience with Arduino and other microcontrollers) leads me to suspect that maybe the software in the controller is corrupted. I'd like to attempt to reload it, if I could just find the relevant download file and instructions. Pointers, anyone?