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Toolpaths shifted on my project

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  • Toolpaths shifted on my project

    Greetings everyone. Just started playing around with my HD4 and creating dust. I tried to create a medallion for an exterior light I have that needs a bigger base. I created 3 tool paths, one for the recessed electrical box (a circle in the center). Then I added a profile cut to give it a panel look with a tapered bull nose bit (this was just the bit running an cut on the tool path .1" deep for decoration). The last path is a profile around the outside for shaping the outline and this cut all the way through the work piece. The patterns were created with vCarve Pro 9.0 and indexing was done from the center of the work piece, top of the material.

    I cut the panel tool path first and it appeared to shift up on the work piece. I wasn't worried, since this was a learning process. I then switched to a 1/4 end mill to cut the pocket for the electrical box. I reindexed the Z axis, but left the X and Y axis the same as the tapered bit. The pocket was perfectly centered. The next cut was using the same tool to cut the profile of my medallion out. This cut shifted up about 1/2".

    So my question is, what would cause this shift? Everything was indexed off the center point of the work piece, as opposed to the lower left. Could this be the issue? I've gone back to my software and double checked that all lined up as it should have and it looked good to me.

    Thanks for any suggestions, advice, or help with this.

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    Hi CKHouser,

    Could you post the .crv file so we can take a look?

    In VCarve, where are setting your Z Zero position? This setting is located in your job setup menu. It can either be set from the material surface or the machine bed. If you set it from the machine bed, but then zero out your bit on top of your material, you'll be off by whatever thickness your material is. Not sure if this is what you're doing, but just a thought.


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      Not sure what happened, but re-Calculated and it all worked out. Got the medallions I wanted and already installed behind the lights on the front of the house.


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        When I did a job on my CNC. I reduced the feed rate by the slide button (FOM or FMO) on the left side, it rig a quarter in the machining of the piece, the cut was not accurate (Skip command lines). I start over again and before adjusting the feeding rate speed on the sliding bar I pause and then I change the feeding rate and I press on to continue that seems to work properly.
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          If re-calculating and re-saving the .tap files solved the problem, my initial guess would be that you saved the original .tap files with varying project sizes or shifted the project between saving .tap files. I've had similar problems - I'll edit an older saved project and sometimes I shift the origination point or project size or something similar. I've adopted the practice that if I haven't carved a saved project in a while, then I recalculate all the toolpaths and resave all the .tap files just to make sure the .tap files are all in sync.