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Laser issues with hd4

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  • Laser issues with hd4

    Good Morning all,

    I've owned my shark for 8 months now. works flawlessly until.... trying to install the laser.

    Test mode: No red light, no laser.
    Run a job and red light comes on laser.
    Set up multiple tools, spindle speeds but still no laser.
    Yes, I looked into the key on the back it appears to be in perfect condition.

    Any Ideas guys?

    Thanks and have fun today!

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    Hi h18c,

    Do you have an HD4 or HD3? That would help better diagnose your issue.


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      Says Laser issue with HD4 in the post description.


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        Sorry, I overlooked that!

        Could you post a picture of your controller and hub connected, so I can verify everything is connected correctly?
        Also, what firmware are you running? Go to Apps > About Controller and take a look at what you currently have installed.
        Should be an easy fix with that information.


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          Running 3.0 Will run update tonight to upgrade firmware and see if I can get it to work. Any other ideas.I sent you an email also. please send me any ideas!


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            Brandon, couldn't run the update. Plugged pc via USB cord in to control box. Did not recognize. Thoughts?


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              Try using the piranha laser post processor. You do have to use a laser post processor to get the laser to turn on


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                When picking the laser as the tool the spindle speed is the laser power. That was my problem I Kept putting in a zero so the laser wouldn't turn on. ^Also what toolpath are you using. I had to use the engraving toolpath.