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  • Shark with Laser

    Hi All, I have the shark HD, and I've recently received the laser attachment

    The physical installation went fine, but everything else seems to be piranha centric, including all the post processer references, the firmware updates, the documentation: everything.

    I tried to guess at what firmware and axis states were appropriate, but I think I've dug myself deeper with every decision. I've tried both cnccp 1.0 and 3.0 latest build, and both yield the same results. I can boot the system and initially jog into the appropriates position for laser engraving, but that's where my successes end. I can build a tap file (I use Aspire 8.5) but the post processer file is for piranha, so I think that may be part of the problem; when I run the file, nothing happens, and it appears I can't even run a normal (non-laser) tap file now - I've basically managed to brick my controller....

    Has anybody successfully used the laser kit on the CNC shark HD - did you manage to find any documentation ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried phoning for support, but my call was never answered, and repeated messages for a callback resulted in nothing.....

    Help !


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    Hi Rick,

    I haven't received my laser yet. I bought the HD4 Extended with the offer of a free laser unit.

    I have seen that a post processor for using the laser in the Shark is now available for download from the Shark download page.

    I have been playing for a couple weeks now with the Control Panel 3 and have been constantly have disconnect problems when using it to run a file. I've talked to tech support and they are looking into the issue but told me to just run my files from the LCD panel.

    I also had a strange occurrence once when I turned off and on of my controller to reset it. Once the panel came up saying my system was a piranha but after recycling the power it came up as a shark. I asked about this with tech support and was told that the software/firmware for both the shark and the piranha are the same just with a different flag set to identify them.

    As far as your controller, I would say to use control panel 3 to do a firmware update on your controller. From what they have told me just ignore the reference of piranha in the dialog boxes since it sounds like they create all their software aimed mostly for piranha.

    I hope this helps and let me know how things go with the laser. I'm hoping mine shows up soon.



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      As Egarbe said, updating your controller via the CP 3.0 is always the first step if you're having any type of issue. The location of all electronics is the same as the Piranha, it's just a different box, so it shouldn't be too hard to follow. As of right now, we are recommending running the HD4 with the Pendant, as we have experienced a few bugs due to windows updates. Also, the 1.0 is not designed to work with the HD4.


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        Thanks for this - I went back and removed everything, then reinstalled 3.0 and allowed it to update the controller at install to what appears to be the most recent version - I think I'm almost there. The file will run now and the small laser box led turns red indicating the laser is on, but the laser itself never actually turns on - I'm close, really close -- can anybody help me get the last mile ?



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          Usually when this is happening the laser key is not turned on. Have you tried this? I would take it out, re-insert it, and turn it.


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            And I suspected the same thing. So I investigated and discovered that key mechanism is broken. It's an inexpensive tubular key lock, and the back is basically kept in by a pressure fit. That part has fallen out so there is no electrical connection. Worse, the parts are rattling around inside and I believe a key piece of the assembly is missing. So, I 'm going to have to get permission from the company, if I can ever reach it, to either have it fixed locally without voiding a warranty, or have it shipped back for repair