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  • New firmware and post processor

    Nextwave has released the new firmware, along with whats suppose to be an updated post processor. The firmware and PP is what I have been testing for the past 8 months. For those using the laser you will find a new switch in the firmware under laser setting on the pendant. (Not sure how it works without the pendant, maybe someone who runs without can assist in this). The setting is Laser Over Burn. By turning this on, it will reduce the burning we have seen, especially in small lettering. This also effects the laser photos.
    Now all the bad news. NWA has decided at this point they are basically done with testing or trying to resolve the issues we have when doing photos. Many people do tiles 4" x 4" photos. Average time to complete is 2 hours or less. If done with the Ready2Raster program it will complete it in about the 2 hour time frame. However, the same photo run through Vcarve or Aspire will take about 5 hours.
    The settings they are using with the R2R program is about 50% laser @ 100"/min as a starting point. They are also still pushing the "Quick Engrave" method, or what I call a "Fake Laser" in the Vectric software.
    I mentioned to them the desire many have to get some kind of documentation for the R2R program. They say they are working on it... I'm not holding my breath.
    As a test I ran a couple test .TAP files made by NWA for testing. Neither ran correctly. First one ran about 12% then it was as if the 0,0 was reset, and started to burn about 1" below the project. The second one ran 13% then just stopped. Both files were generated by R2R.
    I will continue to pester them to correct these issues. Hope some of this helps.