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7 Watt Laser output

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  • 7 Watt Laser output

    What is the Watt output on the NWA 7 Watt Laser? I see videos on YouTube of people doing things with the China 20 Watt Laser with a 5.5 Watt output that I can not seem to do with my 7 Watt Laser. Is it not putting out 7 Watts?

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    What is it you are trying to do ??? Which program are you using ??


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      Primarily with Tiles and Photos. I was just wondering if I am getting a 7 Watt output from the 7 Watt laser or is it less that that. I noticed that the China Lasers advertise one Wattage, but the out put is less. Just wondering if Next Wave is doing the same.


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        Ok, here is what I know at this time.
        First and foremost, I do not work for either Vectric or NWA.

        For the past few months I have been in contact with both companies in an effort to resolve some of the issues with the NWA lasers.
        To the best of my knowledge, the 7 watt does produce 7 watts of power, the same for the 2 watt laser with 2 watts of power.

        Since you did not mention the software you are using I have to assume you are using the Ready2Raster program provided by NWA.
        This software is what many are using for photos at this time. I do not use this program, and can not assist you in the use of it.

        If you are using the Vcarve Pro that came with your NWA CNC, then you will need the laser module to do photos. The laser works well with out the module, but
        for photos, it is needed. Prior to the module, you would need to make a "fake laser" tool for the laser for basic laser projects.

        As for where the companies stand on the laser module and NWA, they are making progress. They have or seem to have corrected the over burn. They have corrected the tool path issues when hatching with the laser. What we are trying to get now are the photos. The photos are coming out nice, but we are working on getting the powers and speed set to minimize the time, and maximize the quality of the photo project. And they are real close in my opinion. I am testing new Firmware and new Post Processor at this time.


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          I am using the VCarve Laser Module. Thanks for your response, keep me posted on the progress made with the Firmware and Post Processor ipdates.


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            I'm just getting into this post, a few days ago I send an inquiry to V Carve about how to set up the post processor to reduce the laser power when the feed rate slows to change direction. Here is the reply I received. Wish I'd know this before investing $1,000 for the 7 watt laser.

            Hello Ed,

            Many thanks for your inquiry.

            I am afraid that we cannot support use of the Vectric Laser Module with Next Wave machines at this time.

            There are currently some issues with the Next Wave control software burning projects from G-Code.
            Next Wave have been looking in to this issue and have produced a beta version of the control software that addresses this issue.
            The new firmware adds a specific 'Laser Mode' to the control.
            Once this new firmware has been released for production machines, we would then be able to support any configuration using this later firmware.
            We will attempt to let you know when this firmware has been released so that you could download a trial edition of the software with the Laser module,
            in order to test things out on your machine tool.

            I hope that this helps, but if you have any further questions, please let me know.
            Hopefully this will be fixed soon so we can all enjoy engraving with the NWA 7 watt lase using files created with V Carve.



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              My wife purchased me the laser last year for Christmas. At that time it looked like Aspire worked with the laser via their laser module. Since then the support has been pulled now that the defect was discovered. For over 11 months we have been told this update is been aggressively worked and should be released pretty soon. I would not touch the laser until this issue is resolved.


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                I fully agree with you and I am one who is helping test this. I too have been frustrated with the laser and support.

                I got my laser about the same time you got yours. At that time the laser worked well, as it was being used as an engraving tool rather then a laser. And it still works that way.

                When the laser module came out, Vectric had some unexpected issues. And these issues were not just with the NWA machines. Hatching and cross hatching was a problem that was effecting all makes of CNC. This problem was in the Vectric software. With the release of Version 11 a few months ago, they corrected that problem. However they had to rewrite everything in the laser tool pathing to correct it.

                Once that was done, they had to work in conjunction with NWA to next get some Firmware for the NWA machines. This was done by NWA support. In that firmware, there was an added software switch under laser settings called "Over Burn". With this turned on the extra burning seen where the laser slows and changes direction was eliminated. They also made a new laser Post Processor for NWA.

                The current issues as I have stated is pictures. I just did one a week or so ago (4x5") that came out wonderful... 12 hours later. This is where they are at.

                The issue has been passed to and from NWA and Vectric for a while. Currently we are now waiting on NWA. I hope to hear something today.

                If I get more info, I will pass it along.


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                  Any updates on progress with getting Vectric and Shark to work together?


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                    Does anyone know if this issue has been fixed?