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Laser a photo with Ready2Raster and NWA laser/HD4

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  • Laser a photo with Ready2Raster and NWA laser/HD4

    Hi All,

    I am wondering if anyone has tried using Ready2Raster with their HD4 and Next Wave 7 watt laser (or 2 watt) to laser a photo? I tried this once and got a double image when I ran the program. The R2R program seemed to process the photo fine, and the on-screen preview looked like it would laser properly, but it didn't work as it should. Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this issue? The picture I used was a 300 dpi, 5358 x 3857 JPEG.

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    I have the same problem and looking foe answer.


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      I had the same issue and was told by the support person I needed to do a controller software update and that solved the problem, I was on version 3.34 upgraded to version, If you don't want to do a controller update you could try deleting line 6 (G01 X-0.0620 Y0.0025) from the tap file using a text editor or notepad, this also worked for me until I did the controller update.