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7W Laser cable - Longer?

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  • 7W Laser cable - Longer?

    I'm trying to get a longer cable for the 7W laser, and Next Wave seems incapable of figuring out how to do that. I have a HD4 extended, and even with the laser module near the center of the table, the cable is too short to reach the full usable area without me attending to it. Has anyone figured out how to extend the 7W laser cable such that the cable can be run through the drag chain wire carrier and onto the gantry? Does anyone know who manufactures the 7W laser/cable, and have contact info for them? I figure the cable would have to be about 12 feet long, and the cable I got is less than 6 feet.

    Wouldn't it be sweet if the laser cable was reversed such that the plug was on the laser end and the cable could be left in place? Just have a plug on the laser itself; all you had to do was put the laser in the chuck and then plug in the cable to the LASER instead of plugging the cable into the laser module? OR, a cable that has plugs at both ends?

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    I agree that the design could be improved. I like your suggestion. It would be great if everything was long enough to route up through the chain.

    As far as the manufacturer of the cable, my guess is that they manufactured it themselves from basic electronic parts. I would think that with some basic parts, you could extend the existing cable. You would just need some wire and a couple of connectors.

    I had a similar complaint about the ribbon data cable going from the controller box to the laser controller. It was far too short and my laser controller was left dangling (which also used up length of the wire you're having issue with because it was down on the shelf of my table.) I bought a similar size ribbon cable that was long enough to allow my laser controller to sit on my table.


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      UPDATE: I have just received a 6 foot extension cable from Next Wave (purchased). I'm very happy that this product is available, and I am thankful that Next Wave was able to find one to ship to me. I have not yet had a chance to try it to see if it affects the laser's performance. I guess I should have checked their product list prior to starting this thread.

      Shortly after I purchased my Shark HD 4 extended and 7W laser (about 18 months ago), I contacted Next Wave about getting an extension cable for the 7W laser; they said it was not then available (didn't exist), but they were looking into having something available in the future. I was somewhat disappointed laser cable length was even an issue, and I'm somewhat disappointed that Next Wave didn't notify me when the product I previously asked for became available. This really became an issue for me more recently when I had to substantially modify a customer's job just to accommodate the laser cable limits.

      And, I think having a short 1' cable on the laser with 5' and 11' extension cables (for short and long beds) would make a lot more sense. If I had an 11' extension cable, I would leave it permanently in place on the gantry with the spindle cable, spindle water hoses, and vacuum hose. (Heck, why not zip tie one more thing to the drag chain??) I think that would simplify using the laser.

      But, BOTTOM LINE, what happened in the past doesn't much matter now. I should now be able to access my HD4's entire work area with the laser, and for that I'm very happy and thankful.