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2W laser wavelength?

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  • 2W laser wavelength?

    Can anyone tell me what wavelength the 2W laser is? Thanks!

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    From what I found when looking for info, "A blue laser is a laser that emits electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 360 and 480 nanometres, which the human eye sees as blue or violet


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      Thanks for your reply!

      I’m looking to determine what “proper” eye protection when using this device is, and the wavelength range emitted by the device is of surmount importance regarding protective filtration. High-quality filtration options typically show curves of wavelengths-blocked vs. wavelengths-passed. That’s why I’m inquiring, hoping to get some knowledgeable input on the matter. I highly doubt NWA actually manufactures these devices, much more likely they import them from an OEM. Somebody along this supply chain (hopefully) actually knows the spectrum of EM-radiation emitted by these devices...which will let all of us end users employ proper safety measures beyond the determination of “a blue laser”.

      Thanks again for your reply, Scott, and no offense is intended by my reply. Someone out there has a technical answer to my technical question...and if they will post it here, all users of this product will be able to properly protect our vision...