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  • Ballpark life of laser

    I have only had my Shark/laser for a few weeks but I see the resolution from it is better than the laser printers I have been working on for the last few decades. Now that I have the vector graphics figured out I’m coming up with some images that should look fairly good. The problem is one 18” x 18” image I want to print looks like it will take 4 days. I would pause it from time to time for the machine to cool off but without knowing roughly how many hours of burn time I can expect out of a laser I’m not sure if it’s worth running. I know there is no number anyone can give me but I’m curious if anyone has a laser with many hours on it or conversely if anyone had a laser fail after an approximate number of hours. Also if anyone has a suggestion for a long burn I'm all ears.

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    4 days seems a little extreme, would you mind posting the .crv file for me to look at?

    Ballpark life of the laser is 3,000-5,000 hours.


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      A screenshot is the best I can do unless I mail you a thumb drive. The file is almost 700M. I know you can't tell much from the screen shot but there is a lot of detail in it and it took my computer over an hour to process. I take it this is not normal. I just got my shark and laser a couple weeks ago and I'm still learning so I may be doing something wrong. I may trace it again with less shades of gray. Thanks for the info on the life of the laser.


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        For an image like this you should use our raster program. Here is the link

        This lets you take an image and burn it in full detail with no tracing. And it will do it a lot faster. Give it a shot


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          Been trying to use the NWA Laser Raster 3.0 was told there was a version of the program that will let my HD2 controller load the file but have not found a solution. Controller does not like the $B... lines of code.


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            There is a new raster program called Ready2Laser that was posted recently. I haven't tried it yet but when my 7W laser arrives I'm going to give it a try. I don't know if it will offer any backwards compatibility help for your issue but here's the link -