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Trouble registering 3D Printer software

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  • Trouble registering 3D Printer software

    Is there a trick to getting the NWA 3D Printer software to register? I have the control panel software registered and working to move the machine, and the touch-plate is also registered, however the Printer software isn't registering. I sent the automatically generated email as well... Maybe I should just wait until someone is in the office to processes the email?

    Also, can anyone tell me if I need to have the software register to actually generate the parts for printing? I can load the parts from my CAD tool using just about any extension but the software doesn't seem to allow me to generate the necessary g-code etc... I am assuming that this is because the software isn't registered yet but can anyone confirm this?

    Thanks - Looking forward to printing parts that aren't easily machined for my robots ;-)


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    All registered... up and printing parts