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Sticking too well to painters tape

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  • Sticking too well to painters tape

    I read all the time about people having issues with a print curling up because it won't stick properly to painters tape laid down on the print bed. Somehow I seem to be having the opposite problem. When I print an object with a good amount of flat surface on the bottom of the object it sticks so well to the painters tape that I find it very difficult to remove it. I have to use a putty knife to try and get the printed part away from the painters tape while it is stuck to the glass print bed. Some of the tape will end up separating from the printed part and remaining stuck to the glass print bed but a lot will rip away and remain stuck to the printed part.

    Anyone have a good solution for how to remove the painters tape that remains firmly adhered to the printed part? I have been scraping it with a single edge razor blade but that doesn't work very well.

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    I posted this on another forum and got some help there. The solution to the problem was that I was setting the z-0 height of the print head to close to the print bed. Just wanted to follow up here with the solution to the problem


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      I finally got plastic to come out of the print head when I hit FEED or A+, but when I try to print my file, the head moves through the motions but hardly any plastic is coming out of the head, if any at all. There must be a setting somewhere not set right. Maybe under the 4th-Axis variables in APPS? It seems odd that there is no mention of initiating the 4th-Axis App on the Pendent or setting the values at all. What should those values be? Or, is the problem with the .gcode file creation?