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Couple of questions after first try at 3D printing

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  • Couple of questions after first try at 3D printing

    After a month of delays due to hardware problems (thanks NWA support for getting everything squared away) I have completed my first 3D print. For the most part it came out OK. However, I do have a couple of questions

    1) What is the best way of cleaning off the foundation from a printed object? It is easy to clean it away where it extends beyond the edges of the printed object but I had a great deal of trouble cleaning off the bottom of the printed object. Or, are people not printing a foundation?

    2) About 2 1/2 hours into a 3 hour print I started getting a noise that sounded like somebody scratching their nails on a chalk board. I believe it was an X direction bearing getting dry due to the constant small movements. I tried the best I could, while the Piranha continued to print, to apply additional lubrication but my print was only a few inches in diameter and it was very difficult to get the lubricant really under the bearing. Is this an issue that others have seen? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    1.) I've always used a box knife, however I've heard of people heating the foundation carefully (you don't want to alter the piece) and peeling away the foundation. If you are printing a piece with a flat bottom, I wouldn't worry about using a foundation.

    2.) What kind of lubricant did you use?


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      Thanks Brandon. My next print I'm going to try without the foundation to see how it works.

      I'm using a lubricant called Slipit.

      Thanks again


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        Well I started my 2nd 3D print and now, even though I applied lubrication to all the rails, I'm still getting the squealing noise. Also, a correction. I believe the squealing noise is when there is fast movement in the Y direction, not the X direction as I previously reported.


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          The first thing I would do is use the lubricant that Next Wave recommends on their website. It's called Dupont Teflon Silicon Spray. Apply this to the lead screw and bars where you are having trouble.


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            I'll give it a try. I like slipit in that it is silicone free. Most of what I have the Piranha Fx for is carving inlays for woodworking. If there is any kind of drip with silicone on wood it will not take a finish properly. Slipit doesn't cause any finishing issues.


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              I worked with support on this and after a lot of cleaning and a ton of Dupont silicone with teflon I seem to have cleared up the squeal.