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  • Leveling Work Surface

    I'm finally going to be able to give the 3D printer module a try tomorrow. The first step, after getting all the software registered, seems to be going through the process of leveling the glass work surface. I'm a little nervous about the risk of breaking the glass by lowering the print head too far. Any hints or suggestions on doing this would be welcome.

    I was hoping that NWA would have built this into the software using the touch plate but no such luck. Maybe a phase 2 feature.


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    A possible solution is to change the jog speed on your LCD. You can do this by going to setup-jog speed slow, and change it to a low number such as 5. This will make the Piranha jog incredibly slow so you could get as close as possible. Hope this helps!


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      Thanks Brandon. I'm held up as there is an issue with my base that holds the glass print surface and NWA is sending me a replacement.

      I've decided that I'm going to do it using some precision setup blocks, that I have for my shop, and a set of feeler gauges. Using a 1/4" setup block I can check for a consistent distance between the print head and the glass surface and never have the head anywhere close to the glass.

      Of course setting the proper distance for an actual print is another story. I wish there was support for setting the proper z distance of the 3D print head and the laser engraving head using the touch plate so it could be done consistently and without any risk of damaging the glass.


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        I have been using the 3D printer for a while now, and my rule of thumb is to always lower it until a thin piece of paper barely fits. My slow jog speed is set at 1. It's 3/8" tempered glass, at a slow jog you'll never break that with the 3D printing head.


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          Thanks Brandon


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            I wanted to close the loop on this thread that I started. The final methodology I've come up with is to place a 2" x 2" x 1/4" thick piece of MDF on top of the glass and set my printing height using that and a thin piece of paper between the mdf and the print head. After getting the print head height just right for printing I lower the print head exactly .25" and reset zero. I may be paranoid but today I momentarily pressed the z- button on the touch panel to jog the print head down and it didn't just jog but stuck running the motor down until I hit the z+ button. Had I not had the mdf in place I'm not sure if it would have damaged the glass or not.


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              The run away from a touch switch closure is a known bug they've had for a long time... to bad they don't fix it.