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    The 3d Printer software is now available for download at Next Wave Automation, here is the link:

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    Has anyone tried installing installNextWave3D_v1.0.exe yet?

    When I tried it I got errors relating to missing folders from the control panel software that has been discussed in other threads. As a work around I manually added the missing folders from the errors on to my system and then the software started without error. But next it prompted me to hook the computer to the Piranha FX controller for registration which had me confused at first as I had no cables to interface the Piranha FX controller to my computer and all the current documentation only mentions running files from a USB thumb drive.

    I reached out to tech support and they explained that I needed a USB style printer cable that did not come in the FX bundle for some reason. I am in the process of getting the cable now and hope to be able to get into the application to see what it looks like. I am just concerned that its dependent on the missing control panel software that the 3D print program had issue with when I started it for the first time.

    I was wondering if anyone else has gotten beyond this point?


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      You will have to install and register everything, machine, accessories and software and it will put a registration file on the computer so it knows you own everything. If you want to use the 3d software on another computer (desktop in the house) for design and generation of the toolpaths you can copy that file to a thumb drive and save it in the correct location on the other computer so the software knows you have the right to use the software.

      Next Wave probably won't tell you this but it works.


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        Thanks good to know

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      Where do you find the software to perform the registration? I haven't received notification yet from NWA that the 3D printer portion of my FX is shipping yet but I wanted to at least play with the software. There is an entire appendix in the manual that is dedicated to registration but it doesn't tell you what software to use to perform the registration. When I go into the 3D printer software and hit the register or registration info buttons under Setup all I get are errors. Thanks


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        They are still working on universal Control Panel software to use with the Piranha. You need to have the Piranha hooked up to a computer with a USB accessory cable when you open the software and it should allow you to register.


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          Thanks. I'll give that a try


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            Originally posted by jbasen View Post
            Thanks. I'll give that a try
            I am trying to register everything and have the same problem you did. I tried running the program with the data cable hooked to the machine but no luck. Did you find a way to make it work?


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              As I said they are still working on the control panel software to work with the Piranha so they have to release it before you can hook you computer up and have it work right.


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                I got everything registered but had to get a registration number from NWA for the laser as there was no label on it with a number.


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                  I'm having similar issues where I can't use the 3D printer software because I need to register but can't register from the Control Panel software because that's giving me errors saying that it can't connect to the Controller. I have the proper cable and the computer is definitely seeing the Controller as connected, so am not sure what to do. The USB port is USB 2.0 as required and the computer meets the requirements for the Control Panel software as well.