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Piranha FX not stopping (x) (y) and (z) when moving

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  • Piranha FX not stopping (x) (y) and (z) when moving

    Been using my Piranha FX since June and love it but at times when I am tracking, or setting up to carve I touch my touch pad and instead of going in a small increment it just takes off and then will stop when it bottoms out (z) and/or hits limits (x) and (y) axis. I called tech support and gave them my firmware version and gal at tech support said they would send me an updated version for the touch pad firmware....nothing yet and been a month. Is anyone else having this problem? When it takes off what button do I hit to stop it? Have a laser attachment but don't want to use it because (z) take off might injure it. Any help would be appreciated...thanks

    Like the touch pad but might start to type in values to adjust manually. Has anyone had the problem of taking off using the laptop control panel? Any problems when typing in values manually for the touch pad?

    Thanks for any help

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    Mine does it sometimes. Mostly on the Z and the bit crushes the corner of something nice. I started putting a feeler gauge under the bit just in case it happens. If they give you a fix let me know!


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      If you download the latest piranha control panel at you can go to the help menu and update your LCD, since that is where the runaway jog issue occurs.


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        How do we know what version it is since your software people call every version 1.0 in the filename? Just teach them intro to software engineering, put real version numbers, four sixteen bit numbers separated by periods. Nothing new, its been like that for many decades. Well they have made progress, they're using the full field in the attributes now instead of


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          I understand that, I can speak with them about this. When you open the program, at the top it will say CNC Control Panel v1.0, then have a build # number listed. Our most recent update is build 64, which is on the website from the link I sent out.