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Using SolidWorks and HSMExpress for post processing for Piranha FX

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  • Using SolidWorks and HSMExpress for post processing for Piranha FX

    Hey new to this forum and am in waiting mode with Woodcraft to get my Piranha FX with laser attachment and V Carve Desktop software. I am new to CNC but familiar with concepts working with machine shop teacher at high school I work at using SolidWorks and MasterCam. I wanted to know if anybody out there has used SolidWorks with HSMExpress with Piranha FX and if so what post processing file format did you use from HSMExpress? V Carve uses (*.tap) but I don't see this file option in HSMExpress so wonder if a gcode generic option can be used and just designate file extension as (*.tap)? Would like to use SolidWorks and HSMExpress for 3D modeling for the Piranha and not have to pay for Aspire when I have a license for SolidWorks already. Any help would be appreciated....Thanks

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    You could use SolidWorks for modeling and then import the model into VCarve to run toolpaths and that is probably what will need to be done. You could contact Vectric to see if they have a Post Processor that will work with MasterCam to output .tap files but I think the Laser Post Processor is exclusive to Next Wave Automation so they would have to provide that Post Processor. I don't think that NWA would want to take the time to write the code needed unless a majority of their customers needed one.


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      Meb is correct, the Laser Post Processor is exclusive to Next Wave. No other PP will generate a .tap file. I've used Sketchup before and imported files into Vcarve, and I assume SolidWorks would be the same way.


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        Best way from solidworks is to export from SW as DXF file it works real good. Ps working on the Post Processor issue's and g-code list


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          The .TAP file is a standard G-code text file so don't worry about the file name extension. The difference between the laser and regular .pp files is actually just a few lines of code so making your own .PP file isn't that hard since they too are text files. You might try comparing SW->VCarve .TAP file and SW->MasterCam and one of the post processors MC has to see find outputs that are close then edit that MC PP file until they match.