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Brandnew to the piranha and the cnc world

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  • Brandnew to the piranha and the cnc world

    Hey everyone I am brand new to the world of cnc and the piranha fx. I have bought one and trying to set it up and I am looking for a few tutorials on how the best way to do these things I know theres some on the disc. how do I connect it to the laptop and go forward from there. thanks all in advance and I know I'm new at this so please go easy on me.

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    Download the latest controller and manual here:

    You should be able to run the tutorials from the disk for the Vcarve or go to the Vectric site. The only tutorials for the Piranha Fx would be available on the Next Wave site.


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      I am new also and have been checking out YouTube videos for the past 6 months before deciding on the Piranha FX. Viewed many users using NWG's Shark along with a few using Piranha FX. All CNC machine basically the same so XCarve, ShapeKo, and any others will be showing the same things.


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        I'm new as well and been having a blast with mine! The Vetric sight tutorials are awesome I also purchased their photo vcarve program and have had a lot of success carving pictures with it.


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          I just ordered mine and then found these forums. I am hoping that people are enjoying the Piranha and that I will be happy with it as well.


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            The first thing I would recommend doing is building yourself a sacrificial table that is larger than the table it comes with. It gives you more anchoring options. There are quite a few YouTube videos on this topic, not necessarily for the Pirahna but you will get the general idea.


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              Practice on mdf because its forgiving, always double check your zero starting point in the program and on your controller before starting a carve, be sure your clamps arent in the way, pass depth is better shallow than too deep, use the right bit for the job or you'll regret it and double sided tape is your friend.