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    i recently got a pirahna fx with laser and 3d printer, it was a gift from wife and daughter. I have only used it once, i dont really need it and would like to sell it. What is the best place to try to sell this type of equipment. Would it be under woodworking or hobbies or what

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    Most of the people on this forum have a CNC Piranha Fx. You might be better off on the main forum here , where there are more people Good luck!


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      Many have had success selling CNC machines on Ebay as well. That's what Next Wave recommends.


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        Sorry if I'm a little late replying to this thread. I had an original CNC Shark before getting my Piranha FX. I was able to fairly quickly sell my shark on craigs list in the tools section. I live in a rural area so I put it up for sale on several different Craig's list boards for geographic areas that surround me. The gentlemen who ended up buying it came from a few hundred miles away to get it. Good luck